Wounded Watermelon Double Whisker Skirted Finesse Jig 1/4 Size
Wounded Watermelon Double Whisker Skirted Finesse Jig 1/4 Size

Wounded Watermelon Double Whisker Skirted Finesse Jig 1/4 Size

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*One individual skirted finesse jig.  

* This proven finesse jig has tantalizing lifelike actions created by silicone strands with a combination of watermelon and blood red that pairs perfectly with the most popular trailers on the market!  The head color is matched to the skirt with a watermelon and red flake powder paint.  

*This alloy is approx. 20% lighter than the 1/4 oz respective lead-head.  They are the same size as a 1/4 lead-head; however, they are about 20% lighter.  

*Benefit from a larger profile head with a slower sink rate and increased displacement of water.  This is a huge advantage for the finesse style fishing and can significantly increase fish strikes.

*Please Note:  The double, nylon coated weedguards are built into the jig as it is being made.  This creates a very tight connection with the jig so the weedguards do not loosen from the head.  The weedguards are positioned in a V shape on either side of the hook point prior to powder coating.  After the jigs are powder coated and cured there is no need to adjust the weedguards:  however, the weedguards are very adjustable if you do decide to move them according to your fishing environment.  If you bend the weedguards significantly where they meet the head, it will stress the paint and ruin the integrity of the powder coat finish.  Therefore, it is recommended to hold the weedguards near the head with a pair of hemostats or needle-nose pliers while adjusting with your other hand.

*Environmentally friendly.  

*Free domestic shipping on orders over $25.00!

*The style of the jig-head, along with the silicone skirts, help to keep the jig and hook in a natural, upright position.  This also helps prevent snags.

*Custom stainless steel wire keepers extend past the collar of the skirt so baits can be locked securely to the jig without sliding down.  

 *All of the jigs listed are pre-made, painted, oven-cured, and ready to be shipped.  This means no waiting for you and very fast shipping.

  ***Some photos are for color reference only and may not show the corresponding hook/head size.  Plastics are not included.

This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the Sate of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov