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If you haven't experienced the Neko Rig, then you are missing out on an amazing finesse presentation.  It's like combining the best characteristics of a wacky rig and a ned rig together!!! 

We have transformed the most versatile style of finesse heads into Neko weights!  These weights create a flush and bonded connection  with your favorite baits.  This allows for a direct and snagless contact with the targeted structure which creates a tremendous advantage in detecting finicky bites.  Additionally, these weights resonate the slightest ticking sound as they skitter along the rocks which can help the predators key in on their target.

The stainless steel extended wire keepers easily penetrate and lock into the baits without the need for superglue.  Now you can change your weights on the water with ease.

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  • Neko Style Lead-Free Weights
    Neko Style Lead-Free Weights
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