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The EWG weedless jigs are an absolute necessity for the power finesse fisherman who desire the benefits of using tex-posed plastics.  We use VMC hooks with a surgical sharp cone shaped point.  The 1/0 hooks are the perfect size to not kill the action on the most popular finesse plastics.  The width of the hook gap is big enough for solid bait compression when the fish inhale the presentation.  The Z bend in the hook helps to hold plastics snug to the head.  The point is slightly offset to gain an even greater hook-up ratio.  The black, nickel finish on the hooks is very corrosion resistant.  Each package includes 3 jigs.  No longer do you have to fear throwing your favorite finesse baits in the thickest of cover where the big bass lurk!
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  • Finesse EWG Weedless Jigs
    Finesse EWG Weedless Jigs
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