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Jade's Jigs Low-Pro Ned Series of jig heads is for fisherman who want a low-profile Ned style jig that can be fished in a variety of environments.  The helmet shape of these jigs facilitates the ability to swim and glide your favorite baits through the shadows of grass, wood, and rock cover where the big bass lurk.  


These jigheads work great with small tube baits!  You can thread the head inside of the tube and poke the eye of the jig out of the top side to create a bait that will not slip down the shank.  No more readjusting tubes from those pesky nibblers will be required!    


The double cast barbs provide an excellent hold on baits.  The centralized weight distribution created by the double barbs delivers a natural, vertical presentation when slack is left in the line. 


We are able to produce this style of jig more efficiently due to the fact that there are no stainless steel wire keepers that have to be meticulously placed in each mold.  Therefore, we are pleased to have the opportunity to pass along the savings in time and material to our valued customers.  Please read product description for further information.  




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