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This extraordinary variety pack was developed to give fisherman the opportunity to acquire an arsenal of our most popular finesse products.  You can be prepared to hunt any of your favorite waters with the simplicity of one purchase.

You will receive 4 Ned style jigs separated and labeled according to sizes of: 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8 for a total of 12 jigs.  The packages are brilliantly, multi-colored to match with your favorite plastics.  We are also delighted to share several different hook styles and sizes to satisfy the most intrigued angler. 

Our EWG jigs are so favored that we desired to add a 4th package of 2 EWG Finesse Jigs.  One of the EWG Jigs will be 1/8 size and the other will be 1/4 size.  This brings the total number of jigs included to 14! 



*1/16 - 2 jigs #4 90 deg. hooks and 2 jigs #2 sickle hooks = 4 jigs

*3/32 - 2 jigs #2 sickle hooks and 2 jigs 1/0 90 deg. hooks = 4 jigs

*1/8 - 2 jigs low-pro style 1/0 hooks and 2 jigs standard 1/0 90 deg. hooks = 4 jigs

*EWG - 1 jig 1/8 size and 1 jig 1/4 size = 2 jigs


Colors of jig heads are varied with our most popular colors and may not be the same with each purchase.




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