Weedless 1/16 oz. Sickle Hook Size #1
Weedless 1/16 oz. Sickle Hook Size #1
Weedless 1/16 oz. Sickle Hook Size #1
Weedless 1/16 oz. Sickle Hook Size #1
Weedless 1/16 oz. Sickle Hook Size #1
Weedless 1/16 oz. Sickle Hook Size #1

Weedless 1/16 oz. Sickle Hook Size #1

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*Package of 10 weedless lead-free jigs with #1 sickle size hooks.  

*Colors available:  Black, Green Pumpkin, Red, and Green Chartreuse.

*Made with a non-lead, bismuth and tin alloy.  

*This alloy is approx. 20% lighter than the 1/16 oz respective lead-head size.  This means they are the same size as a 1/16 lead-head; however, they are about 20% lighter.  

*These jigs are made with a light, nylon-coated weedguard which provides a super-finesse weedless option.  The nylon coating helps to prevent fraying of the weedguard and it is potentially less harmful to the fish.  

*Benefit from a larger profile head with a slower sink rate and increased displacement of water.  This is a huge advantage for the finesse style fishing and can significantly increase fish strikes.

*Environmentally friendly.  

*Free domestic shipping on orders over $25.00!

*The hooks used are the American made Eagle Claw brand.  They are super sharp and have a black, nickel finish.  The sharpness and light-wire style of these hooks provides for great penetration on a finesse hook-set.  The finish is very corrosion resistant which is a great asset when used with salted plastics.   

*These jigs have size #1 hooks.  Please see hook comparison page for further size reference.

*Some say they prefer a sickle hook because the point is slightly curved inward which may help the hook stay sharper for longer and may also assist with preventing snags.    

*All of the jigs listed are pre-made, painted, oven-cured, and ready to be shipped.  This means no waiting for you and very fast shipping.

*Powder coat paint has been oven cured.  This makes a huge difference in the durability of the paint!

 *Stainless steel wire keeper helps to prevent bait from sliding down the hook.  Wire keepers are compatible for both elaztech and standard style plastics.      

*The heads of the jigs are flat and the edges are concave to help prevent snags.  Worms have a clean, flush fit with this style of head. 

*If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the jigs.  Please see our return policy.   

 ***Some photos are for color reference only and may not show the corresponding hook/head size.  Plastics are not included.

This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the Sate of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov